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Email Meter Teams allows you to:

See individual email stats for each team member.
See email stats for a specific group of team members within the team.
Access a team dashboard to clearly compare team members’ email stats.
Grant team members access to their historical email data for the last 2 years.

With Email Meter Teams, you can add mailboxes/users to your Team, and view their stats from within your Email Meter interface.

To get started please add members to your Team.

Once some of your team members have accepted their invites, they will appear in the "My Team" screen:

This screen works very much in the same way as the Custom Reports screen, you can select the dates you wish to view metrics for, and which users data you wish to see. You can also apply Advanced Filters!

You can select more than 1 user, and it will display the data for all chosen users together.

You also have the option to select team members from the Monthly and Weekly report screens, which will display the combined stats for the corresponding team members on the chosen month or week.

Updated on: 11/05/2021

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