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Using our spreadsheet template to visualize your Raw Data exports

We have created an easy to use template which will allow you to compile your raw CSV data into a spreadsheet which will generate some insights for you.

CSV Exports are included in Email Meter Pro and Teams — Click here to unlock along with all our other extra features!

The first step is to export the necessary reports to CSV files following these instructions.

Once you have your CSV files exported, please make a copy of the template which can be found here.

Once you have exported your CSV file, please go to the CSV template.

Make sure you have the 'Copy CSV data here' tab open.

Go to File → Import...

Please drag the CSV file you exported from Email Meter into the window which appears, or select it from your device using the file browser:

Once you have selected the file you wish to import, please choose "**Replace current sheet**" from the checklist, and click "**Import data**".

You will now be able to view stats for all users, individual users (selecting them from the dropdown menu) and team charts on the different sheets.

Updated on: 11/05/2021

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