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Raw Data Export

You can now request a full export of the data which is used to generate your report metrics!

Raw Data Exports are included in Email Meter Pro and Teams — Click here to unlock along with all our other extra features!

To get started, select the report you wish to export - This can be any Monthly, Weekly or Custom Report.

Any Advanced Filters or Team Members selected will also be applied to export, it is an exact export of the report you choose.

_Please note Advanced Filters are also a Email Meter Pro and Teams feature, you can sign up here!

Once you have the report from which you want to pull the raw data, click the Export CSV button in the top right:

You will see a prompt informing you that the data export is being prepared - You can expect to receive this to your email shortly:

You will be informed if you have already tried to export the same report.

If you have not received your report after 1 hour (although it normally takes a few minutes), please check your other folders (including spam).

If you still cannot find us please get in touch with us using the chat bubble at the bottom of Email Meter, or by emailing us at

You will receive an email with a link to download your raw data!

Just click the blue "Download Data" button to get the CSV file.

The report which this data was pulled from is linked in the email, so you can remember which one it was!

Headers Included


The date in Year-Month-Day Hour:Minute:Second format.


The email address of the inbox where this email belongs. Useful for teams.




The email subject.


The sender's email address.


The recipients in the TO field.


The recipients in the CC field.


The recipients in the BCC field (this can only be yourself).


TRUE or FALSE. TRUE if the email was replied to.


TRUE or FALSE. TRUE if it is the first message in a thread and it’s been replied to.


The time it took to reply to this email in seconds.


The person that first replied to this message.


TRUE or FALSE. TRUE if it’s the first message in a thread.


The Gmail Thread ID, useful to identify and group threads.


TRUE or FALSE. TRUE if you’re in the TO field.

Updated on: 11/05/2021

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