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My Account

Access your account screen by clicking this tab on the left in the Email Meter sidebar:

From this screen you will be able to edit your plan, payment method and billing information, as well as access and download your invoices.

Your Plan

Here you can see your plan, or cancel it if you wish.

Please note that we are very happy to address any concern or issue you may have with Email Meter, so if something is not working for you or you are not happy for whatever reason, reach out to us either at or by using the chat bubble in the bottom right - We are always happy to hear and address your concerns!

If you cancel your Pro or Teams account, you’ll be able to continue using all the included features right up until the end of your last billing cycle, after which your account and that of any team members will revert to Email Meter Free. The expiry date of your Premium account is displayed clearly in “My Account”.

Payment Method

You can see which card is currently billed for your account, or add a new one by clicking Edit:

Just click "Save" when you're done, and this card will be used for your next billing cycle.

We use a 100% secure payment system and accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Billing Information

See your current billing address which will appear on your invoices, or input a new one by clicking Edit:

Make sure to click "Save" when you're done!


See the dates, invoice numbers and a quick description for your invoices, or download them as a PDF using the Download button:

Updated on: 07/05/2021

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