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Custom Metrics & Notifications

Custom Metrics

Save your most important combinations of filters into Custom Metrics.

Custom Metrics & Notifications are included in Email Meter Pro and Teams — Click here to unlock along with all our other extra features!

Custom Metrics allow you to apply the combination of filters and users you need to regularly check, and save them so you can access them whenever you want. This is a great way to save interesting and useful insights!

To get started, open the Custom Metrics tab from the left hand side of the interface.

Here you can choose which base metric you'd like to use for your metric, from Received Emails, Sent Emails and Response Time.

Give your Custom Metric a name. You'll want to use something to help you remember what you're measuring (for example Internal Emails or Emails from Clients).

Once you've named your metric, you can choose which team members to include:

You will only see the Team Member screen if you are the leader of a Team

Go ahead and add Advanced Filters to bring only the relevant information you want to see into your Custom Metric. You can also choose to not add any if you'd like:

For more information, read all about Advanced Filters in our Help Center article here!

Your Custom Metric is created! It will open automatically:

The chart shows the change in your metric over time. You can switch between Days, Weeks and Months using the dropdown menu in the right, and the chart will adjust accordingly.

Below there is the monthly change in your metric so you can track your progress and spot any improvements or drops over time against yourself. There's also Insights which give some further understanding of how your metric is changing.

You can create a new metric, delete one or edit the filters, base metric, team members and metric name using the drop down menu by the name of the Custom Metric.


Once you've got your Custom Metric set up, creating Notifications allows you to be alerted of any important changes so you can take action and keep informed.

Get started using the Notifications tab on the right:

Give your notification a name—use something relevant so you know what you're tracking with this notification, and can easily understand it if it goes off.

Set up a rule for your Notification. This determines what needs to happen with your Custom Metric to trigger the notification. Choose whether the metric needs to go above, below and/or equal to a certain value, and for what period of time (day, week or month).

Once it goes off, your notification will send a message to an address (or addresses) which you can write below.

You can include more than 1 address to send the notification message to by separating them with commas.

Save your notification and you're all set! You can also add another Notification immediately.

Once saved you'll see all your Notifications on the right hand side of the Custom Metric they were created for.

Everyone included in a notification will receive an email like this when it goes off:

Whether it's tracking emails from your most important clients, making sure individual team members don't receive too many emails or understanding long term trends in your activity, a combination of filtered Custom Metrics and Notifications allows you to be confident that whatever important changes happen in your inbox, you will know!


How do I unlock Custom Metrics & Notifications?

You can unlock Custom Metrics & Notifications along with all our other Email Meter Pro/Teams features here!

Is there any limits to naming Custom Metrics and Notifications?

There is a character limit (40 for Custom Metrics), and no two Custom Metrics or Notifications can have the same name.

Can all users of a team access Custom Metrics, or just the Team Leader?

All users in a team will have access to the feature, but the Custom Metrics themselves are not shared between team members or the team leader.

What happens to my Custom Metrics and Notifications if my Pro or Teams subscription ends?

Don't worry! Nothing is deleted, we'll keep them ready for you whenever you come back. Notifications won't trigger while your subscription is inactive.

When is my data checked to see if Notifications should fire?

Everyday at 6AM local time your data is checked against the rules you've set up to see if a Notification should be triggered.

My Notifications have stopped going off! What's wrong?

If we lose access to your account, we won't be able to check your data and send you Notifications. We'll let you know if this happens, however if you have any doubts please get in touch!

Do you have any more questions?

We'd love to hear from you!

Get in touch using the chat bubble in the bottom right, or by emailing us here:

Updated on: 11/05/2021

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