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Removing automated emails from reports

Removing automated emails from reports

Automated emails, such as out-of-office and other autoresponders or automatic emails from services such as Google Calendar and GitLab can skew your report numbers. An inflated number of received or sent emails paints a less realistic picture, so you'll most likely want to remove them from your metrics.

The easiest way to do this is by going to Settings, where you'll be able to enable an overall filter to remove automated emails from all calculations:

Automated filters are a Pro and Teams feature, you can unlock these along with all our other features here!

You can also remove automated emails using Advanced Filters, which you can access using the filtering bar at the top of your report:

What's is counted as an automated email?
Out of Office emails
Undelivered email notifications
Service notifications (such as Google Calendar, Gitlab, Figma, Pipedrive etc)
Newsletters and other subscriptions or mailing lists

Can some emails be missed?
We detect automated emails by looking at certain tags which are found in the headers of emails. Services which send automatic emails, such as SendGrid, add these tags to all emails to ensure they can be detected. Most emails will be tagged correctly, however some services/emails are not and can be missed by Email Meter. You can use other Advanced Filters to remove these emails, which you can read about here.

Updated on: 02/09/2021

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