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How are internal/external emails counted?

Sent - External

If an email sent by an Email Meter user has one or several recipients in the To field, and one or more of those have a different domain (part after the @) to the Email Meter user, then the email is considered an external email despite other possible (internal) recipients.

Example: Both internal and external recipients are included, so it is counted as external.

Sent - Internal

If every recipient of an email, both in the main "To" field and the CC/BCC fields, is from the same domain (part after the @), then this would count as an internal email.

Example: All recipients are from the same domain, so it is counted as internal.


If an email received by an user Email Meter has been sent by someone within the same domain, and there is no external recipients either in the main "To" field or the CC/BCC field, it is considered internal.

If there is even one recipient from an external domain, the email will count as external.

Updated on: 06/02/2020

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