When inboxes are analysed, we classify emails into two categories, Emails and Messages.

For example, if person A sends 1 email to 2 recipients, B and C, this would be counted as 1 email sent, and 2 messages sent.

If person A receives an email, it is counted as 1 email received, and 1 message received.

With Deleted Emails, Email Meter can count these from the moment of installation. When we load your data, we cannot include any emails which have previously been deleted. Any emails you delete after installation will be counted.

You can exclude Automated Emails (Emails from an automated system which generates emails without human intervention, for example out-of-office replies, newsletters, etc.) by going to Settings and turning on the filtering option:

Spam Emails will not be counted in your metrics, UNLESS they were marked as spam after they arrived and did not go straight to your spam inbox.
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