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Top Interactions

This chart shows the Addresses and Domains you contact the most, how many messages were exchanged (sent and received), the best time to contact them and what your response time has been to them.

You can switch between Addresses and Domains using the slider in the top right.

In Email Meter Free, there is a limit of 10 Top Interactions - upgrade to Pro or Teams to get access to the full list!

You can also sort the list by each column in Premium, so you can see who your top senders and receivers are!

Best contact time is determined by when that contact most often emails you, and is therefore most likely to be looking at their inbox.

This means they will be more likely to see your email before it is buried under any subsequent emails.

This metric is very useful to see who you are spending the most time contacting and at what time they tend to email you, so you can plan when to contact them and receive a quick reply without your email being buried.

By combining the Best contact time with Gmail's new email scheduling feature, you can send emails at the best possible time automatically!

Updated on: 11/05/2021

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