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Average Response Time

This metric measures the mean average of the time it took you to reply to emails from this inbox in the time period covered by the report.

You may see a percentage which reflects the change in this response time from the previous period - this can either be green if more emails have been sent, or red if less have been sent.

All responses found for emails received in this period are counted. 

If you have set up Business Hours, these will be applied when calculating this metric. Business Hours are included in Email Meter Pro and Teams — Click here to unlock along with all our other extra features!

For example: A report for May 1st - May 31st can include a June 3rd reply to a May 30th email.

Any emails which are marked as spam will not be included.
Emails which do not receive a response will not be included.

There will also be a highlight if one of your metrics has shown an improvement, and this can be the Average Response Time metric.

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Updated on: 11/05/2021

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