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How do I upgrade to Email Meter Pro or Teams?

**Email Meter Pro/Teams offers a number of benefits:**

2 years of your Email history from your sign up date available for you to analyse.
The ability to create Custom Reports to hone in on the information and dates which are most important.
Export of report data into CSV Excel spreadsheet files, allowing further analysis and compilation of reports into a master spreadsheet.

Go to to upgrade to Pro or Teams

Select which plan you would like, depending on how many inboxes you'd like to include: Just for you or for you and your Team:

If you select 'For me & my Team' you are given the opportunity to start adding members to your Team before proceeding. You can also add members later on.

If you select 'For me', you will be taken through to the Secure Payment section.

In the Payment screen, choose which card you want to use for payment:

You card details are encrypted and completely secure; we use Stripe to handle payment.

Your subscription will be automatically billed every month, however if you no longer want to use Email Meter, you can cancel anytime from My Account.

Click "Upgrade" and you're all set!

Some further questions:

What can I do with Custom Reports?

Custom Reports equip you with a higher level of flexibility when analysing your email stats. In other words, they allow you to see your email stats for any time frame you choose within the last 2 years from your Email Meter Pro/Teams sign up date.

Without Custom Reports, you get your email stats on a monthly or weekly basis - you can’t customise the time frame and you can’t see your email stats from the past.

What's the cancelation policy?

Our cancelation policy is simple - you can cancel anytime you want by going to “My Account”. If you do cancel your account, you’ll be able to continue using all the Email Meter Pro/Teams features right up until the end of your last billing cycle. The expiry date of your Email Meter Pro/Teams account is displayed clearly in “My Account”.

Updated on: 11/05/2021

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