Advanced Filters allow you to target only the specific data you want to see in your reports.

You can exclude or include any of these parameters:

  • Whole Domains (, can be "from", "recipients" or "any")
  • Specific Addresses (, can be "from", "recipients" or "any"
  • Intradomain (Emails which are sent within your own domain, allows you to exclude internal traffic from your reports)
  • Label (Important, Starred or Spam)
  • Status (Archived or Trashed, archived can be particularly useful for seeing how well you are keeping to inbox zero)
  • Gmail Tab (Personal, Social, Promotions, Notifications, Forums)

You can combine various filters together to see only what you want to see.

You can apply Advanced Filters to your Monthly Report, Weekly Report, or to Custom Reports

To get started, open the filtering bar and scroll to the bottom, where you will find the advanced filters box:

Press the + sign to add a new filter:

You can now select the operators/rules you wish to apply:

Next, choose the next step within the filter:

Apply the "is"/"is not" rule - this is whether you want to include ("is") or exclude ("is not") these results from your report:

Finally, if you are filtering for address or domain, type in the address(es)/domain(s) you wish to use for this filter, and press enter.

You can add more than one address/domain:

In this case, my filter rule is:

"Address from is"

I will only see emails which I have received from

You can apply more than one rule by clicking the blue + symbol and setting up another, to have a number of filters running simultaneously.

For example, if i want to see all of the emails I've received from someone in my domain, except for one particular person, I could apply the following 2 filters:

"Domain from is"

"Address from is not"

These two would work together to show me emails from the emailmeter domain, except for the person I want to exclude.

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