You can access reports for different weeks from the top left drop down menu. 

Report Summary
A summary of your main stats is shown at the top of your report, so you can quickly gauge your most important information before diving into the deeper insights. You can also export your report to a CSV spreadsheet file using the CSV Export button.

Busiest Hours

A heatmap showing your busiest hours throughout the day over your report period. This can help you identify at what times you are receiving the most emails, as well as what time you are at your most productive.

Messages by Day

A breakdown of your message volume, showing both sent and received over each day of the report period. This allows you to see which days you were the busiest over the month, so you can identify patterns and plan accordingly.

Response Time
Both your quickest response time and the average time taken before your first response are shown, as well as a graph to help you visualise how long first responses took.
You will also be notified of any Business Hours you have applied, or be reminded if you do not have any active.

Emails Replied
The number of sent emails you received/did not receive a reply to.
The number of received emails you replied/did not reply to.

Internal vs. External
The number of Sent/Received emails, divided into Internal (within the same domain) and External (outside of domain). This metric will only appear if you have sent/received enough emails in the week.


Total number of new email threads in which you sent the first email (started the thread), and the total number of emails that you have sent to an existing email thread.

Direct Messages
The number of messages which were addressed directly to you, and the number of messages where you were included as a CC but not a direct recipient.

Top Interactions
The email addresses / domains which you sent the most emails to, the number of messages exchanged (both sent and received), the best contact time and your average response time. Best contact time is defined as the time when each contact was most likely to reply to you.
You can see this info for individual email addresses or for different domains.
Please note if you have not reached a certain email volume for the month, you may not see this metric.

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