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Your Security and Privacy when using Email Meter

Security is a top priority for us at Email Meter. We take a number of steps to ensure your data is always fully protected.

Firstly, your data is stored in a database unique to you.

This means your data is not mingled with other customer's data. Additionally, this database is stored in the Google Cloud (powered by Google BigQuery) and is ONLY connected with other Google Cloud services, such as the Gmail API.

That means your data NEVER leaves the Google Cloud. All authorization protocols are managed by Google, and our own internal servers are on Google Cloud Engine. This means that you instantly benefit from all security Google has in place. 

Secondly, our access to your data is limited via the Gmail metadata scope. 

In Google's own words, we are allowed to:

"Read resources metadata including labels, history records, and email message headers, but not the message body or attachments."

This means that we have access to:

– All email headers, including sender, and recipients email addresses, subject, date and other meta information.

It also means we NEVER get access to:

– Any email contents, snippets or attachment contents.

You can get more information on Gmail scopes and permissions here:

We may also ask for additional permissions (Directory API) to build our UI in a way as useful and friendly as possible (such as user lists in the user management section), but that data is not stored.

Our parent company, ShuttleCloud, manages Gmail and Google Contacts' data importing service. This means that our security measures and practices have very strict standards.

You can read more in our Privacy Policy here:

Updated on: 22/05/2020

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