Share Email Meter with your friends and get rewarded with free Premium!

Using a referral link or email invitation, there are 2 ways in which you can earn free months of Premium!

For each person you invite who signs up using your link or email invite, you earn a star. These stars will be displayed on your referral page - once you get to 5 stars you get your first free month – there is no limit to the number of friends you can invite or months you can earn, so get inviting!
If any user who you referred purchases a Premium subscription, you are automatically awarded an extra month of Premium!

For example, if you invite 15 people and they all accept, you get 3 months of Premium for free!

If 2 of those people purchase Premium, you get an additional 2 months, for a total of 5 free months of Email Meter Premium!

You can share your invite link via email, or copy and paste it – just make sure your friends follow the link to ensure you get your stars!


What happens if I pay for a Premium subscription while enjoying Premium I earnt from referrals?

We freeze your free referral Premium, ready for you to come back to!

How many free months can I earn?

There is no limit! We want everyone to discover the benefits of Email Meter.

Where do my suggestions for people to invite come from?

We create your suggestions based on your email data, based on the addresses you interacted with the most in the last month.

What happens if I invite someone, and months later, they purchase Premium?

Once they sign up via your invite, you gain one star. 

Afterwards, when they pay for Premium, you gain one entire month of Premium. 

It’s akin to gaining 6 stars with one user; however, because Premium referral purchases add one month automatically, they do not affect stars.

Do I have to activate Premium every month if I have extra stars?

No, you only need to activate it once.

The period is automatically extended when you reach the condition again (one referral purchase, or 5 stars).

The stars in the Premium page only shows the number of stars you have left for your next extension (i.e. stars that have not been “redeemed” yet).
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