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Email Meter Add-on Overview

Thread Summary: This is a summary of the number of messages within the thread (both sent and received, from all participants).
Participants: A list of the users/mailboxes which have sent or received messages in this thread (this includes people CC'd).
Domains: A list of the domains which have sent or received messages in this thread, and the number of users from each (including CC'd domains).

Thread Details:

First Message: The date and sender of the first message in this thread.
First Response: The date and sender of the first response to the first message in the thread.
Last Message: The date and sender of the last message in this thread.
Most active participant: The user which has sent the most emails in this thread.

You can see metrics for specific participants of the thread by clicking on 'Go to profile' under the Participants section:

Here you will find information about your interactions with that particular user.

You will find links to their Social Profiles if they have them linked to that email account.

You will also see the Last Month's Statistics section, which contains the information about your interactions with this contact over the last calendar month:

'Average response time' refers to the time you took to respond to this particular user's emails during the previous month.

'Messages sent to / received from' is the number of emails you sent to and received from this contact.

'Best contact time' is the time which the other user is most likely to respond to emails from you. This is based on the hour at which they usually respond to your emails and were most likely to be checking their inbox.

'Statistics in this Thread' shows you:

Sent and Received messages for that particular participant in the thread
Average Response Time which is the time you took on average to reply to emails within this thread.

Updated on: 06/02/2020

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